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The purpose with this page is to give our members the opportunity to make questions about their items, e.g. unusual cancellations.

A Form for asking for Help or an Answer to any of the questions below!

London Officially Sealed

London Officially Sealed på brev från Wien till Stockholm censurerat i London

This cover was sent from Vienna 2.8.14. The cover has an arrival cancellation on the back: Stockholm 20.9.14.

This cover has a London Officially Sealed Label. The question is: Why was this cover sent via England?

Breif von Wien nach Stockholm mit Britisch Zensur, London Officially Sealed. Warum ist dieser Brief via England gesandt?

Where, when and how?

Aerogram från Indien med stmpl DAMAGED BY SEA-WATER

Aerogram from India to Sweden

This cover was sent during the second world war from India to Alingsås in Sweden? Date unreadable.

Answer from down under

The following reply has come from Australia:

The cover bears a Jai Hind (Long live India) postmark of August 1947. It was used just after India was granted independence in 1947 and the date give a clue as to the details of the accident that gave rise to the cachet.
In A. E. Hopkins (1967) A history of wreck covers, at pages 169-70, he describes mail salvaged from the wreck of a BOAC flying boat which crashed into the sea at Bahrain in the Persian Gulf on 23 August 1947 while attempting to land. It was flying from Hong Kong to Great Britain and the mail included letters from India of 20-22 August 1947. Hopkins does not illustrate the cachet on the cover but does note the use of a one line cachet with the DAMAGED BY SEA WATER. Given the type of cancel although I cannot read the date I would be fairly sure it is from August 1947 and this is the wreck from which the cover was salvaged. It is a nice item and with perission of the owner I would like to use the illustration in a note in India Post, the journal of the India Study Circle, of which I am a member.
I hope this helps.
Brian Austin
Tuart Hill, Western Australia

Courrier Recupere - Recovered Mail 1937 - 1988 av Henri L. Nierinck

Listed in Nierinck as nbr 470823f.

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